Evap hose for 1997 Mercury Tracer?

I’m looking to replace our Evap hoses (Evap purge valve?) from our 1997 Mercury Tracer, and the manufacturer no longer carries them. Where is a good resource to locate these parts?

Do you actually know for sure what you plan to replace? You’re asking about hoses but have stuck “(Evap purge valve?)” in there. If you need to replace the purge valve you can still get those.

If you just want to run new evap lines you don’t need to use anything special. Auto parts stores sell generic rubber emissions grade hose in various sizes. You just find the size and run it as needed. You just need to keep track of any special fittings in those lines. (There is, for instance, a little check valve of some sort in the main line from the gas tank). Some of the line sections are hard body. Those probably don’t need replacing, but if they do you can just run rubber hose instead.

Thanks so much for replying! When I brought it to the mechanic, they said they just need the hoses to be replaced, but that the dual hose is hard molded to the unit, so once it’s off, it’s off, plus they said they would need to “break” it off. Would I be able to fit a rubber hose over this broken part, or should I try searching for a whole new unit? If I do need to search for this part, do you have any suggestions where I could go? I live in the Los Angeles area. Thanks!

You’re going to have to get specific about what you mean by a “unit.” You should have a hard line coming up from the center-rear of the engine compartment. I’m fuzzy on the specific details, but that will run to some kind of a check valve, then to the charcoal canister. Out of the other connector of the charcoal canister the line should run to a solenoid and purge valve and from there, to the bottom of the throttle body. So anyway - I don’t know what you mean by a “unit.”

In any case, if you run across any damaged hard lines or fittings just cut them carefully and replace whatever it is with soft stuff just by sliding it on. It just carries gas fumes so there are no intense conditions in there. A tight zip tie will hold it together.

I might be tempted to ask if you are subject to emission inspections, Hypothetically speaking of course if you are not you might do as one situation I heard of where the part was $200, and was skipped.

Yeah, we couldn’t pass our smog inspection, and the more we’ve looked into it, I think the only option now is to find the part from an existing 1997 Mercury Tracer at some local wrecking yard, although it’s a long shot.

You still haven’t said what part it is or why you think that part needs to be replaced.

Within the past few years I purchased both evap solenoid & purge valve from a Ford dealer without trouble. Unless you need the charcoal canister.

How about you start over. You must have an error code stored in the computer which is behind all of this. What is the exact error code (e.g. “P1234”)?

A long shot?

The serve yourself yard near my office has 8 Escorts and Tracers of that generation with the 2.0L CVH engine listed in stock. I can’t imagine that they all would be out of that part - and if there are that many here, surely there are plenty around you…