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Replaced transmision

I have a 99 Merc Sable, only 75,000 miles. Car has ran smooth, no issues. Until, I had ran over a blown tire. Pulled gas line off filter. Replaced it. Everything seemed fine. But turns out, I think anyhow this is when this happened. My car started having shifting problem, found problem within a few days. Transmission bottom cooler line came off. I fixed it but sadly was a little too late a week later tranny died. Just had it replaced. Here’s where I need experienced minds. After getting my car back 5Miles down as car shifted there was a pull back and engine light came on. I toom back to mechanic owner said my front engine mounts were bad. One of his mechanics told me secretly they are not bad. He ran diagnostic test nothing came back, they test drove it but of course it didnt do anything. As soon as I left work it pulled light came back on. I pulled over looked at engine as it was running. The engine moves as if its rearing up. Best way I can explain it. Is there something they could of broke or didnt put together right to cause this? I know this a far fetch question to get a right answer without looking at car. But to fight a mechanic on something I do know is hard without knowing possibilities of issues. Yes I am a women, but pretty knowledeged of cars to a point. Just not much on this topic. Anything to go with is a plus

I would inspect the engine/transmission mount on the right rear near the firewall. This would mean the passenger side of the car. There have been problems with those mounts judging from what I’ve seen at the Pull A Part auto salvage yards.

The cars in the yard are all on blocks with the wheels removed and while strolling through there I’ve looked at those mounts and have hardly ever seen a good one on any Taurus or Sable.

If the mount is the problem it could be because it was broken and overlooked during the trans replacement or the aged rubber in the mount simply gave up during or right after the transmission installation.
Hope that helps you out.

Such is life. Trans was out. Mount was out. Too bad a new mount was not put in.

Well that makes sense!!
Thanks to both of u!!!

@notanordinaryfemale You might want to check with your insurance company. Your comprehensive insurance may cover a case like this.

Its mount ran car for awhile to try to video tape what engine was doing to show mechanic, went inside while running came back out and engine is now dropped forward. Idiots why wouldnt u change needed mounts. Have friend coming over to help me repair it. Wont be taking back to Lems Auto repair in Springfield Mo again!!!