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Do bad engine mounts equal troubled trans

My RAV4 started “bucking” when I put into reverse and about two weeks after it started she was diagnosed with one broken engine mount. However, just after the diagnosis and before the repair could be made, the trans started to slip between 2nd and 3rd gear (automatic trans).

Are the two related or is Betty (yes - I named my RAV4)really starting to fall apart? She’s a 2002 with 170K miles.

I put TransX in the transmission (swapping out equal parts of regular trans fluid for the TransX so I didn’t overfill) and that seemed to help - but is it only a bandaid on a bad wound?

Bad mounts can cause the linkage to the transmission to get out of line causing all sorts of problems. Get the mounts fixed as soon as possible. Once the mounts are fixed have a shop clean/replace the tranmission filter and flush and replace the fluid. The magic liquids usually help if your seals are leaking and the additives cause the seals to swell and reseal. A lot of folks do not put much faith in these additives.

TransX is one of the better “miracles in a can”, however the directions say to run it with TransX for a specified number of miles (or time) and drain it. SteveRB’s advice is right.

At 170K you can expect new problems to pop up regularly.

Thanks to both of you.

I did read somewhere else that TransX was to be used for x miles then the trans should be drained/filter replaced but oddly enough - I did read the instructions thoroughly on the bottle and it didn’t mention anywhere to drive a certain # of miles then drain/replace filter.

Unfortunately, my mechanic (who I trust and have been going to for over 5 years) had a death in the family and will not be able to replace the mounts until tomorrow. In the meantime - the “slip” between 2nd and 3rd has reared it’s ugly head - I’ll mention it to him and see what he says.

After 171K miles - I’m stunned that this is the only thing that has gone wrong with Betty. Believe me - I know how lucky I’ve been up to this point.