Transmission & Motor Mounts

We have a 2003 Buick LaSaber. Two weeks ago we started having automatic transmission issues. When we took it in, they reported two issues - one, a broken motor mount & two, that the transmission needed to be rebuilt. They fixed both - We paid a huge bill the night before Thanksgiving. Drove the car out of town for Thanksgiving Day and the engine light came on - Very frustrating…Took it back in for a computer read and now they say that the Coolant temperature gauge is likely not working properly - too cold.

We think something else might be going on. We notice that the car makes more noise than it did before - also think it shakes more when idoling.

We tried something we read in another posting…hat when we hold down the brake and switch from Reverse to drive, that the engine seems to move quite a bit from forward to back…We are wondering if something is actually wrong with the motor mount…Either it didn’t get replaced or another is broken…

Any chance we are on the right track with our thinking?

We are starting to wonder if the broken motor mount could have caused the transmission problems to begin with.

Would love any thoughts - we’ve paid out too much money already…arrghh…

First, take the vehicle back to that shop and give them an opportunity to rectify any or all mistakes (at NO more cost to you, providing the mistake (whatever) is within the work previously done).

Barring that…

Take the vehicle to a different shop for another opinion and engine mount check.

There is a possibility the tranny has sustained some damage but I would change the engine mounts first and check the tranny mounts as well. (At least verify the mount(s) have been changed)

The temp gauge COLD reading with a warm/hot engine may be due to a stuck open thermostat.

BTW, did you take this vehicle to a dealership?

That’s not a good idea considering a lot (not all) of dealers like to pad the bill by saying other things are worn and replacing parts not needed.

Unless there is a repair being done under a warranty that actually pays for the repair or a recall, go to a reputable independent shop.

What exactly was the transmission doing which made you take it in in the first place??? How many miles on the car??? That engine light is not going to come on for a broken motor mount. Did they tell you what code came up when the check engine light came on??? Point out your concern about the engine movement, its possible someone did not tighten up the transmission mounts during overhaul. In order for me to let you know whether I think the mounts caused your trans problems it would be helpful to know what exactly was wrong with the trans which made you take it in in the first place. What were the symptoms???