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So you say your warranty is expiring soon?

2005 Chevy Malibu.

Has been a GREAT Car. Bought it with 36k miles. The warranty is expiring, and suddenly the red engine light comes on right around 60k.

What to do? PANIC! I take it to the service shop…they are amazing and awesome. And, by the way. The light turned off before they could diagnose it.

I mention some slippaged in the transmission. My service group sends it to a transmission shop where they install some kind of kit, and tell me it’s fixed better than new (kindly ignore the vibrating in reverse).

Leaving out a lot of details but took it back to the original shop, and they confirmed a bad transmission motor mount (big dummies at the tran shop).

They also confirmed I wasn’t crazy when I heard a clunk turning off the air conditioner or the crunching when I drove.

3 rentals, 3 trips and a lot of heartburn later, I have two new struts, bearring, hub and something or other in the air conditioner, no clunks, no crunches…BUT!

When I switch from any gear to Drive (automatic tran) especially after about a 20 mile drive, I get a JERK enough to bounce everyone in the car…

I mentioned it before leaving the shop the last time and was told it was normal because of my engine type/motor mounts, blah blah blah.


Well, Sorry, but I doubt Click and Clack ever look at this forum. It is, however, filled with a bunch of enthusiasts, and a few professionals here and there.

Maybe Transman will have a thought on this for you. I don’t really, just wanted to apprise you of the nature of the forum.

Obviously, something is still wrong, and I would take all the bills/invoices/receipts and get someone to figure it out. Once you have a disgnosis, then you can head back to whomever did the work for that part, and ask them to kindly finish, or pay for the next repair (you, not them).

The only time I’ve heard of strong jerks on shifting was due to bad universal joints, but
A) I don’t think that car has them - although CV joints can fail, too, but normally there are other indications, and
B) It was never hard enough to “bounce everyone in the car” (that I’ve seen).

To me, it sounds like internal tranny problems - but I’ve been wrong before, and I’ll be wrong again, too.


Chase…thanks for the reply and info :). ahem:


thank you!

lol…it’s all good. I’m sure others will give it a solid attempt. :slight_smile:

The first thing that needs to be clarified for me is this red engine light.

A red light usually means a battery indicator lamp (possibly serious) or a no oil pressure lamp. (as serious as the Bubonic Plague)