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94 Ford Taurus LX

My transmission blew, I got towed and got it rebuilt. When I picked up the car they told me it was running rough, prob needs a tuneup. I then took it into my repair shop. They looked at it and said the front and rear engine mounts were shot. One fully, the other partially. Said it would cost @ $500 to fix. BUT they also told me that new, clean bailing wire had been used to tie up the engine.
Well, nobody had the car between when I picked it up at the trannie place and brought it to the shop. So I went to the trannie place & he said, “Oh we would never use bailing wire to do that, it isn’t safe. There might be some wire left from when they rebuilt the trannie-it might have been used to hold the rack up out of the way.” He offered to fix the mounts for just parts, $140 for both. I told him that I was disturbed he didn’t tell me about the mounts because I would have told him to forget the transmission rebuild. He said if they had been broken when the car was in his shop he would have told me. He said the mounts can go very fast, implying that between the day I picked it up from him to when I brought it to my shop they broke. Was friday to monday!
What is going on here, does anyone have any ideas?

If you have owned the car for less than about 3 years it could have been previous owner. if not you may wanna consider a new mechanic…

My mother bought the car new and I got it when she died.