Replaced hoses with fill and flush, transmission fluid is still leaking

Hello everyone,

I picked up my truck a few days ago after having transmission hoses replaced and the transmission flushed and filled. It has been leaking ever since. Right after pickup, I found several drips that spread to about 4 inches right after I shut it off.
The next morning I found a couple of spots 2-3in. around. I called and they said possible residual fluid. I drove it a bit locally, it continued to drip out and still is.
I’m feeling confident that it should go back in. Agree or ? I have a 50 mile drive to get home so I am very leary right now. Please help~ thanks! Melissa

i see the title now. trans fluid is leaking. i assume you had the trans cooler hoses changed?

It does not sound like a bad leak and you should be able to drive that 50 miles without a problem if you first do the following.

If it was the coolant hoses that were changed, check the coolant when the engine cools down.
Also check the transmission dip stick to be sure you have enough fluid. The procedure to check the tranny fluid should be printed on the dip stick.

Then I would take it back to the shop that did the work. It should be an easy fix and they will most likely not charge you anything if you are polite about it.


Hi… yes sorry. The hoses that run to and through the radiator Im told. Under it anyway.

Thanks Yosemite! I can’t check, the 02 explorer doesn’t have a dip stick. Crazy. I will borrow a car and get it back in. I really think that it’s too much for just residual. Appreciate your getting to me ! Have a great day :slight_smile:

definitely the new trans fluid and seems at edges of the hoses that were just replaced. Both sides under the radiator it seems. We’re not just talking some dime size spots for 2 1/2 days either.

What is leaking? What hoses were replaced? Coolant, transmission, power steering?

Approximately where is the fluid leaking from the truck? Very near the front or between the wheels or possibly between the front doors?

If the leak is transmission fluid near the front it could be residual fluid due to the shop’s failure to clean up after themselves when performing the flush, if so the leak should gradually disappear. If the leak continues though there is a good chance that the shop failed to properly reconnect the cooling lines that they disconnected to install the flushing machine hoses. Of course if the shop were to raise your truck on a lift and inspect it they would know exactly what the source of the drip was in a matter of minutes but shops don’t like unbilled minutes so they are stalling you hoping the drip is just their lack of effort cleaning up after their work. I agree that you should go back and have the leak identified and corrected.

Thank you Rod Knox! I am with you at this point. It’s still dripping… I’ve been checking since Friday night and probably 15 times. Still not dry. It’s going back… hopefully just an adjustment. I’m told it’s the hoses that run the trans fluid through the bottom of the radiator. Also a high pressure hose was replaced. Fingers crossed! Have a great day!