2013 Ford Explorer with transmission leak

I recently bought a 2013 Ford Explorer xlt four wheel drive. It started to have a surge while driving and I checked the transmission fluid and it was two quarts low. I have looked everywhere under it and there is no signs of leaks. Does anyone know where it could be leaking at? Thanks.

I presume you have transmission cooler lines going to the radiator . . . ?!

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So checking the coolant for trans fluid is what you are suggesting? Just curious if you know offhand operating pressure for trans and cooling system. Assume cooling would start at 0 and get up to what 20 psi? trans would probably start at full pressure.

Thanks and I will check out what you said.

Nah, either it came 2 qts low, or you measured wrong, or it’s leaking. Maybe prior owner fixed the leak and did not add fluid?