Transmission fluid on the ground

I have a 2006 F150, has not been driven or started in 4months over winter, out of the blue one warm morning, a large wet spot under the truck with trans fluid in it. I have not begun to investigate, but I thought I would put this poser out there to see if anyone had a thought on where to begin?

Trans fluid goes through tubes or hoses into and out of the bottom section of the radiator. If it’s not coming out of a drain plug, that’s where to look next. Good luck and please let us know.

Could be power steering fluid also. Mine is red in color.

gonna have to crawl under it and look above the puddle. Do this before you start it, and it should be fairly easy to see where it is coming from.

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Why do that when you can go on the web and ask people who cannot see the vehicle leak ?


Yep, just gonna have to crawl under and take a look but don’t overlook rodents chewing on rubber hoses until it leaks if its been outside. Steering or trans hoses.

At least it’s a pickup and has higher ground clearance.

When the pickup sits for a long time the torque converter will drain back into the sump raising that level. Run the engine until the temperature is normal, then check the trans fluid level with the engine running. Stab the dipstick in quick so splash does not obscure the level line. Find out how much you have lost and fill to the proper level. Run or drive the pickup and then look underneath to see any source of leaks. With the age and mileage you have on this truck it might be at the gear selector shaft.

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If it’s from the transmission, probably the pan gasket has sprung a leak. I had that problem with my truck a couple years ago. Good chance however it is from a the power steering hose. Those PS hoses tend to get weak and start to leak at one of the ends, where the hose meets the connector.

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Yeah, there are procedures for checking trans fluid level. They vary with make. Be sure to do what your owners manual says.