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Transmission Fluid Consumption

I have to put transmission fluid in my 1994 Ford Explorer every two weeks. There is absolutely no indication of a leak on the ground anywhere. Where could the fluid be going?

It should not “consume” any fluid. You may have a leak in the fluid cooler in the bottom of the radiator, and lose it that way. Check the coolant for oily material and run the engibe while observing the overflow tank.

Or you have some small leaks that only occur when the car is moving and you can’t se it. Check the underside of the transmission, as well as th lines going to the radiator, to see if it is wet anywhere.

You have a leak somewhere and you need a good independent transmission shop to help you find it. Don’t keep driving like this.

I’d be REALLY worried about what might be in the engine coolant.

If trans fluid is winding up in the engine coolant due to a leaking fluid cooler than it’s also quite likely that some coolant is ending up in the transmission fluid.

The transmission won’t take much of this or a low fluid issue before it fails.

Thank you for your reply to my question. I’m in a bad situation with this car, but she just keeps plugging along. I know the handwriting is on the wall for this car dying. Thanks again.

I think this cars days are numbered thanks.