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Transmission Fluid Leak

Can anyone please tell me how I could take my ford explorer 2002 in to the shop to replace the radiator and come out with transmission fluid leaking. The mechanic said it is some kind of hose but it wasn’t leaking before and after I drive I can see it dripping out. I’m just not sure if they messed up something. unfortunetly my husband is overseas and cannot check it. Please anyone???

The transmision fluid is cooled by the fluid in the radiator. It enters through a small metal tube and leaves the same way.

The person installling the radiator must have either caused a leak in the tube or insalled it incorrectly so that it leaks.

In either case, he is at fault, and should rectify the situation. If the tube was corrode, it may cost you the price of a new tube, not too much, but not the labor.

If the mechanic gives you the cold shoulder after you being reasonable with him, you can do what my sister used to do in such a situation. She would firmly ask the mechanic whether he would rather deal with her, or her lawyer.

Frequently a transmission cooler is part of the radiator. The lines to the radiator would have been taken off and put back on with the replacement. If this shop just handles radiators and the leak is at the radiator they should fix this, they should have caught it before returning it to you. If it is a hose farther away, hard to tell, it may have been shaky and a coincidence or moving the lines may have pushed it over the edge. Talk to them again to see if they will fix it. If not check out this link to find a local shop that other folks here have recommended. Keep an eye on the fluid, you do not want to run the tranny with low fluid - Good luck.

Yea he told me about it when I picked it up last night but he said it was a very small leak but I don’t really consider it a small leak and he said that it took him and 3 heavy gentlemen to tighten the hose, but he said it was still leaking and he didn’t want to keep doing it or it would cause them to replace the radiator again. Thanks for all your help!!!