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Replacing the window motor,'98 Toyota Camry LE 4

I am in the process of replacing the motor in the driver door of my wife’s baby Toyota.I have the new motor and am getting warnings about the “spring” in the regulator,which I can’t see.One source advised to keep the regulator from moving with a bolt,very vague.Another one said to remove the regulator,this looks daunting.The regulator,by the way,is the scissors type,able to render fingers-amen.If the regulator is immobilised,am I safe?

I don’t remember doing anything unusual when I replaced my '96’s motor, just had to wiggle the parts quite a bit to get them out and in. Do you have the door apart yet? It wouldn’t hurt to use some wire (clothes hanger) to secure the mechanism to sure the window stays up.

Do you remember if your '96 had cable or scissors regulator,that’s the big difference.

Not sure, think it was the scissors type.

This should provide some guidance.


Thanks Tester,great site,but I’m told that I don’t have to remove the regulator to change the motor.Almost all info I get starts with removing the regulator.I need this answered.

Mitchell and Alldata instructions also say the regulator assembly requires removal to replace the window motor. So that’s three different sources. So one would have to believe this how it must be done.


Amen!I wish that I had heard from you before I bought the motor.I don’t think I want to fool with removing the glass and the reg.I hope the mech I took it to for the estimate will now do the work with my motor.What a web we weave!
Thanx Tester