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Fixing window motors

I have a 96 chevrolet camaro. one window needs a motor and the other a regulator and maybe a motor. The car dealers charge a ton to fix these. Where is the cheapest place to get the part and how hard is it to fix myself artyarty

The first place to check is your local auto recycler for window motors/regulators.

Then its just a matter of removing the inner door panels to swap them out.


Nice option, I was looking at drilling out the rivets and replacing them with bolts. I have heard some are spring loaded and dangerous to work on. Read up before repairing.

One of the harder cars to put a regulator in,very frustrating. Motors can be replaced by drilling through the inner part of the door and drilling out the rivets.

Remember the door panel comes off by lifting up on it,not pulling towards yourself. I have seen dozens of “F” bodys with the retainers broken off the door panels.

Oldschool is correct about these being a pain in the neck to change. They’re also dangerously spring loaded and if you’re not careful you could easily suffer some body damage; you, not the car.

If you do this yourself you should really get a manual that spells out the exact process and be extremely careful when doing the job.
To install the new assembly (motor/regulator) you will need a large pop rivet gun and rivets or screws and nuts. The nuts should be self-locking ones.

If you’re not that mechanically inclined it might be best to bite the bullet and pay to have this done rather than lose fingers at a minimum.

You can find aftermarket units on eBay. They should be around $100 - $140 each.