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Replace rearview mirror in 89 Honda Civic DX hatchback

can I buy at auto parts store? dealer wants over 300 for this mirror and installation.

Why not? Try a junk yard, they may have one for that model.

you can get an aftermarket mirrow at auto zone / or any other auto parts store for around 40 bucks.

the special glue costs around 10 bucks.

labor is free (unless my wife is involved, then the labor is priceless)

why are you replacing this mirror? broke the old one? or did you just knock off the old one?

Windshield mounted mirrors are availible from parts stores. If it is a door mounted mirror they are not. Try calling Keystone auto 309-698-0700 and ask fot the toll free number closest to you. Or try LKQ Star at 800-362-9451.

Which rearview mirror? Do you need the whole assembly or just the glass?