Replacement rear view mirror?

Hi. I’m hoping someone can help me. I need a new rear view mirror for my 2016 Jetta (it fell off and the mechanism is kaput so there’s no fixing it). I did a little reading and learned it’s easy to do yourself (I don’t have an issue with taking that on). My question is what do I buy (brand)? Every Google search for products or reviews links to Amazon product pages and they all have people saying “there’s a reason this is cheap, get something sturdier” - I believe that seeing as they average $15 on there. At the same time I’m not going to spend $300 to get an official one from VW. Mine is 9.5" which I believe is pretty standard. Suggestions? Thank ypou.

why not go to an auto salvage yard and pick up a used one for your vehicle. it will be a VW part just like your original one.


I don’t know of any nearby. So are all off-brands garbage? :cry:

If your rearview mirror fell off your windshield you can put it back on. I believe on your vehicle it just twists back on the metal piece that is glued to your windshield. if the metal piece came off it can be glued back on. they sell the glue for rearview mirrors at your local Autoparts store.


Rock Auto might have one, too.


It twists back into the metal piece, feels like it locks but then falls off as soon as I start driving. I’ve been trying it over and over for weeks it’s definitely busted. :confused:

Then I would look at the 2 sites ledhead75 recommended. I have used a few times and never had a problem.

Also, you probably will find an OEM used mirror on Ebay.

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Ok. Thank you both!

If you can post on here, I ee no reason you can’t google auto wrecking yards near me.

Auto salvage yard inside rear-view mirrors without auto dimming are $50 in the Southwest.

You can also try here

No experience with replacing this part on any of my cars, but you need a mirror with that is close to the same size and geometry as the original, otherwise it might not show enough of the rear view, or it might block the forward view too much. If your car has that collision avoidance system in the same area as the rear view mirror, suggest to verify a different mirror won’t affect its operation.

And my response to this price from a junkyard would be GTFOH. $50 for a used non-powered inside rear-view mirror is beyond absurd. Especially when the junkyard is only paying $250 or so for the car. I’m sure I could find one on Ebay with free shipping for way less than that, probably closer to $25-30.

Expensive around you. Yard in Southern MD it was $10 w/o auto dimming, $15 w/ auto dimming, and $20 w/auto dimming + home link. This was a few years ago though. I upgraded 2 of our cars to auto dimming+homelink.