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1998 honda cr-v broken drivers side mirror

our mirror was broken (the glass looked like a base ball bat hit it.our question is:is it difficult replacing the mirror and parts inside.we believe it still will turn when done from the inside of the car.can anyone suggest where we can purchase the replacement parts?thank you for your assistance!

If it’s just the glass that’s broken, any automotive glass shop should be able to fix it. I broke a side mirror a few years ago, and a local hardware store/glass shop made a new mirror to fit for less than $25.

If the mirror housing is broken, or the mechanism that moves the mirror, I suggest you call you local junk yard (excuse me, auto recycling center) and see if you can get a complete mirror housing for your CR-V

If you call the Honda dealer you will be shocked at the price of a new mirror, because they only sell the whole thing. If you just need the glass, call an automotive glass shop and save some money.

I second the motion of going to an automotive glass shop. I had the glass drop out of the right hand mirror on my 20 year old Oldmsobile (this was 11 years ago–I still have the car) I went to the Oldsmobile dealer and ordered a new piece of glass for the mirror. The price was quite high. The glass had an adhesive back and when the paper was removed, the glass was supposed to stick to the frame of the mirror. The adhesive was so old it wouldn’t stick. I took the car to a body shop that was part of the Chrysler dealer. The manager looked at it and said, “I have a person coming from the glass shop to put in a new windshield and attach the rear view mirror. I’ll have him fix your car”.

When I went back to get the car, it was ready to roll. The body shop manager asked me what I had to pay for the glass for the mirror. When I told him the price, he couldn’t believe it. He said that for what I had been through, my job was on the house. He told me if something like this happened again to go directly to the auto glass shop and have them cut the glass for the mirror.