Funky Rearview Mirror

I have a 2003 Subaru WRX (NOT an STi) Impreza wagon. Just recently, the auto dimming/compass rearview mirror went dark except for a sort of clear, silvery ‘bubble’ that does not remain static. It seems to slowly change shape over the passing days. Is this a ‘fixable’ type of thing, or am I stuck having to pop for new mirror? If a repair is do-able, is it DIY or take it to a professional? I found some used mirrors on Google and wonder how much of a gamble a used part might be? I’m still looking at $120 there and I think a new one through Subaru is $200 or thereabouts. Has anyone been through this? Help! The mirror is not of much use in this condition, for sure.

You want to replace the rear view mirror now!

Once the chemical inside the rear view mirror breaks down that allows the auto-darkening to occur and it leaks out, it can damage other interior components.

I’ve seen it happen many times.

You can look it up on the internet.

The What?


I’m not that familiar with Subarus, but most all rear view mirrors these days have a metal “button” that is glued to the windshield. The mirror is attached to that button with a set screw or a spring slide mechanism. If that is the case, replacing it is no particular trick. Try for a salvage yard with a mirror near you. They will probably offer some kind of guarantee on it. A long distance internet purchase may be difficult to collect on a warranty.

I would go to a pick-n-pull type auto yard. I picked a couple up for my cars at about $20 each, even got the ones with Temperature and compass. For the temp. models just have to remember to get the temp sensor while you are there.

Why not buy an aftermarket for $99.