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Replace car fuel filter for 2009 Honda Accord

Hi guys. I need your help as this is the first time I’ve done this.

My car just reaches 160,000 miles and I decide to do some maintenance to it. One of the things that I want to do is replacing the fuel filter. Sometimes it jerks or jumps forward when I keep the throttle still. I think it could be the issue with fuel filter or something else. It’s a 10-year old car anyways so I think that part should be replaced like other things.

I read in the service manual and there is a part that guides you how to replace the fuel filter

However, when I search online, the results are not as expected. The only thing I can find is the whole fuel pump. There is a filter that looks similar to the one in the service manual but I am not sure about it. Most of the items are for sale on eBay so I don’t really trust what those sellers say.

I went to an auto part store and ask for the filter but they told me that the filter is included in the part in the picture above. I am quite confused right now as I checked the service on the , the site says that replacing fuel filter is not available, only the whole fuel pump assembly, which costs $500 as they quote

What’s your advise on this?

They have that fuel filter at rockauto. It looks like it’s not a maintenance item, there’s no schedule to change it. Most people probably just change the whole pump assembly which is why there’s only one filter available. You really should test your fuel pressure first, there may be nothing wrong with your filter. I think there’s an access panel under the seat or trunk, so at least it’s easier to change than dropping the tank.

Given the car has 160k and fuel pumps don’t last forever, just change the pump assembly. The work required is the same and your filter and pump will be new. That is what most do and that is why everyone sells the assembly and few sell the filter alone.


There’s some important information before step 1 of the replacement instructions. Has the fuel pressure been measured? If it’s OK there’s no need to take on this expensive not-even-repair.

Unless worry about the original fuel pump failing leads you to replace it while it’s working fine.

You really should test your fuel pressure first

My cousin helped me tested it and it was normal. He is an average mechanic

That’s what I am quite worry about. Like many cars that states in their manual that the transmission fluid lasts the lifetime of the vehicle.

@Mustangman Do think the picture below is the complete pump assembly. I want to make sure before taking everything apart

Looks like the complete assembly. Pump and filter are hidden in the surge tank.