Fuel Filter

05 Camry, 2.4L, 49K miles. I’d like to replace the fuel filter and know it is located in the fuel tank. Is there an access door under the rear seat? Should the pump sock be changed at he same time being that your in there anyway? Couldn’t find anything on youtube about this specific operation and thought maybe one of the regulars has encountered this.

Are you having specific problems with the car? Seems like an awful lot of work for "I’d like to . . . "

My Toyota dealer recommends AGAINST changing the fuel filter in my Toyota’s unless there is some issue that indicates that it should be done. Their experience is that fuel lines end up crumbling and having to be changed (very expensive). I had a Toyota Previa for 12 years and 230,000 miles that never had a fuel filter change. I own an 04 Sienna with 160,000 miles with the original filter and my son’s 99 Accord with 207,000 miles has the factory filter. No problems with any of them. Think twice before attempting this.

I agree with the others. If you don’t have any fuel supply issues…I don’t think I would attempt this.

If you look in your owners manual maintenence schedule you will see no recommended interval for changing these.

the sock is the fuel filter I would leave it along un less you are having fuel deverly problems

ooops sorry i’m wrong it does have a filter in the tank it looks like the pump housing

the part number is 043-3000 Beck/Arnly

My vote is . . . leave it alone if everything is fine