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A few maintenance questions

Hey pros, here’s a few zingers for you.

I like my 99 Accord and want to keep it running for a long, long time. It has almost 139k now. The owner’s manual doesn’t say when to replace the fuel filter(s). Time to do it? No issues with the car, for what it’s worth.

The upper cooling hose that runs from the radiator filler neck to the cylinder head is starting to show some fraying at the end closest to the radiator. In other words, I can see the metal ribbing or whatever it is. Normal, or on borrowed time?

I’m trying to knock out a bunch of preventative maintenance next week while I’m on spring break anyway.

Thanks in advance as always.

Fuel filters should be replaced about every 15k miles in my book. You would be surprised at how many filters are partially clogged and yet the engine will run fine.
The problem with a partially clogged filter is that it puts stress on the fuel pump which can then lead to an early pump death.

On 3 separate occasions I’ve run into partially clogged filters on both mine and several family members cars and made the prediction the fuel pump would soon fail. In all 3 cases the pump died within 6 months.
And I don’t believe in psychics either. :slight_smile:

If you want to know if a filter is partially clogged or not, empty the old one out and allow it to dry for an hour or so. Then try blowing through it. You should be able to blow through it very easily, just like a soda straw. Any resistance means it’s clogged to some extent. (and this should not be done with a fuel dampened filter as that “artificially” clogs it so to speak)

That hose is 12 years old more than likely so I’d say replace it along with the thermostat. In my opinion, T-stats are a maintenance item and should be changed every few years rather than risk having one stick closed and roast an engine.

I would also advise inspecting and adjusting the valve lash as necessary. This is something that should be done about every 30k miles. Hope that helps.

Yep, absolutely. Thanks man.

I change the filters regularly on all of my cars and my family members cars and a clogged fuel filter can pop up out of nowhere.

The last one was when my son was down from CO visiting a couple of years back. I got to going over his great running Lincoln LS and found the filter partially clogged, followed by my telling him that he could expect a pump failure in the future.
About 6 months later while he and my daughter in law were coming back to visit again the pump died on them on I-70 near Colby, KS; and on a holiday weekend to boot.

This even occurred with my Lincoln a few years back. We were going to visit my son in CO and while doing the maintenance found the filter was partially clogged. During that trip to CO I told my wife about half a dozen times I hoped the pump did not go belly up.
So 1500 miles later, 9 at night during a driving thunderstorm and only 20 miles from home on the return trip the pump died on me.
Guess there is such a thing as bad karma. :frowning:

Fuel filter changing interval depends on where its located. In the tank I would suggest leave it be as it more major a job to take on. They are “lifetime” parts or really when fuel pump quits.

Under the hood I think most PM people do every 30k. I personally did not have my changed on my Civic till 190k(underhood) but never changed before since not a listed maintenance item.

I bought the car second hand about 16 months ago with 118k at the time. I have some records of the previous owner taking care of it (mainly oil changes, I had to push hard to get the timing belt changed at no additional cost), and it has served me well so far so I’m thinking that she did for the most part, But I still have to assume that the filters are original.

Regardless of the condition of the filters I won’t be surprised if the fuel pump fails tomorrow, it’s 11 years old. I am prepared.

Thanks again.