How much should it cost

Approximate cost of a new fuel pump and filter replacement for a "99 cavelier?

Based on prices, it’ll be about $10 for the fuel filter, and around $300 to $400 for the fuel pump, plus the cost of labour to install both.

Thanks that’s what I didn’t want to here! No really thanks, just want to have an idea of what to expect.

If can you do the repair yourself or have someone help you, a bit of ingenuity can go a long way.

Pumps are pumps and they all pretty much work and look the same. Most of the time a pump from an older vehicle or different model can be mated to the saddle (or holder if you prefer) and the cost can be cut dramatically. Change a wire connector, etc. and voila.

The pump recently dropped in my Lincoln Mark and the going price was anywhere from 300-500 dollars, with a Motorcraft pump assembly being about 750 dollars.

Since a V-8 is a V-8, I bought a pump for a common 1998 Mustang GT for 79 bucks, installed it with no problem, and it’s been fine ever since.
Almost everything automotive can be worked around if necessary.

How was the decision made that it needed a fuel filter AND a fuel pump? With a car of about your car’s age and mileage, it’s about time for that never changed fuel FILTER to start causing lack of acceleration, stalls, and hard starts. A fuel pump can be pressure tested AFTER the fuel filter has been changed. Why change an expensive part on an assumption? Your mechanic(s) can learn some valuable information about fuel pumps and fuel systems at me_art12