Replace a Grand Marquis

Need recommendations on a vehicle comparable to a Grand Marquis.

I have not purchased a new car since 1970. For the past 20+ years Mercury Grand Marquis or a Ford F150.

I had to buy a new car and purchased a 2018 Ford Taurus. I HATE it. I mean really HATE it. I can’t see anything out the back window. The camera is a joke. The mirrors are difficult for me to understand. This car is not safe for me to drive.

But the trade in value is $14000, and I owe about $19000.

I’m willing to buy a used Grand Marquis, if I could find one with mileage under, say, 50,000. But those are rare and I still would have this car loan debt.

But my main reason for asking…

Is there any vehicle which is comparable to the Grand Marquis? Besides being big and solid with a great back window and front windshield, it also has very easy to steer mechanism which is very important to me.

Thank you,

I don’t understand that remark . I guess you mean the backup camera so I don’t understand that one either . Almost all new vehicle are a little harder to see out the back these days. A used Grand Marquis could cost you a fortune in repairs because most of them will have lots of miles on them.
You have made a mistake by not really paying attention to the vehicle during the test drive if you even took one.

Thank you for your reply. I’m already aware I made a mistake in purchasing the taurus I don’t need advice on something I can’t now fix. You are correct, I did not notice many of the things that became apparent after I bought it. I have been driving old Grand Marquiss for 10 years and they have not every cost “a fortune” in repairs.

What I am requesting is recommendations on a new car that is somewhat like the Grand Marquis. Smooth light touch steering. Large rear window, not slanted
Good visibility. No camera.

All vehicles sold after May 1 , 2018 must have a back up camera if sold in the US . Frankly I think it is a very good thing .
You will never find over assisted power steering again. And to find what you want means you will just have to look for yourself because there is nothing like an old Grand Marquis made any more.

Go to a carmax and try sitting in lots of cars to see if any have visibility that works for you. Most probably won’t, that’s a problem with new cars. Try a Toyota Avalon or a Lexus ES350 for a relatively smooth ride.

Thank you for your response. It is a good idea.

I was pretty sure there isn’t anything like a Grand Marquis on the market anymore. But I was hoping someone who had broader knowledge could come up with something.

Toyota Avalon, Hyundai Genesis/G80, Kia Cadenza , Buick LaCrosse, Chevy Impala,

You still have not said why you don’t want a backup camera .
My addition has a lot of short people better known as kids . With my backup camera I can see if one of those on a scooter or small bike races past me while I am backing out of my drive.

Also why are you having trouble with the mirrors ?

The Avalon is probably the closest thing that the OP will find to an old Ford/Mercury RWD car.
The Avalon is FWD, and it will be far more reliable than an old Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis, but it is probably the closest that one could find nowadays.

However, no matter what the OP does decide to buy, he/she should make sure that this time he/she looks through the rear window, and has the mirror function demonstrated by the sales personnel, prior to purchase.

I get it that I did not get full information. I asked the safeswoman to show me how to drive the car, orient me to controls and she said they have so manym models, she wouldn’t be able to do that. I decided I would figure it out myself. Mistake, I know.

I also worry about children behind me. The taurus has a blind spot that the camera and the mirrors do not see. I had my husband be the victim and I could not see him. He said, don’t worry, I can move out of the way. And I said Not if you were a child.

The rear view camera does not show objects close to the rear of the car. I think it gives a false sense of security.

That is not the case with all rear view cameras. The one on my Outback shows objects as close as underneath the lip of the rear bumper. You really need to visit a several dealerships, or a large dealership that handles a variety of marques, and see for yourself whether the various features on various models work to your satisfaction. If a particular salesperson claims to be clueless, you should ask for them to summon someone who is knowledgeable. You, as the customer, have the right to do this.

I don’t understand how having no camera at all would be an improvement on this.


OP did not say she did not want a camera, but that the Taurus camera was a joke, meaning inadequate.

Actually she did say ( No camera ) and I say she needs one and also needs to learn how to operate this vehicle .

I missed that, it was in one of the OPs followup responses.

The camera in the taurus is very small. I am not saying all cameras are bad, just I don’t think this one helps. Like I said, there are blind spots with the camera and using the mirrors.

I can operate the car. I just can’t see behind me or to the sides reliably.

How do you set your side mirrors? I set mine to get maximum visibility behind and to the side using the interior rear view mirror and the two side mirrors.

First lean to the left and put your head on the window. Then set the left side mirror so you just see the rear fender. The lean to the right over the center console and set the right side mirror so that you just see the rear fender.

Now when you see a car approaching on either side with the interior rear view mirror and just before it leaves your field of view, it should appear in the side mirrors. This works for me and is recommended by AAA.

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I have driven a 2018 Ford Taurus and there is nothing wrong .

Thank you jsanders and others. I am spending the day testing various things and will try to set up the mirrors as you have recommended.

I have also looked at all the suggested makes and models, and they seem much the same to me. I don’t really know a lot about cars, which you all have figured out by now.

Now I am thinking I should invest in the various safety items for this car. Like the audible alarm when another car gets near to the side, or if I drive too close to a stationary object… I would feel more secure with these items.

I realize there is nothing “wrong” with the Taurus, but it does seem that in the effort to improve gas mileage and aerodynamics, the rear windows have become fairly useless, across major brands. I have been out of the new car market for so long, I got side swiped by the changes .

If you don’t have those items adding them will be expensive and if they are after market not near as dependable as the factory installed . You never said what trim level you have so you might even have them .
Frankly I think you might benefit from something like a AAA defensive drivers course .
Do you not know anyone who can show you how to operate the features on this vehicle ?