HELP... I need to purchase an automobile

I’ve owned a few motor cars throughout my years. Always knew what I wanted. Now, I am at a loss.
1st car - '72 Tbird, 2nd car - '78 TBird TownLandau (wanted the '79 LincolnMarkV), 3rd car - '85 Cutlass Brougham (wanted the '85 Delta88 Coupe), 4th car -‘94 GrandMarquis (deSade pkge: leather interior, canvas roof, xtra chrome).
Obviously, these are not “driver’s cars”. They rode quietly, smoothly. Easy to get in and out of & easy on the wallet.
At 6’, I don’t seem to even fit into most contemporary automobiles.


I’m not sure if you’re telling us what you’ve had in the past… or if you’re considering these cars for purchase.

What are your needs for a vehicle? Do you need to be able to haul stuff? Do you need lots of room for passengers, or will you be driving alone most of the time? Is fuel economy a concern?

Identifying what you need your vehicle to do is the first step. We can go from there.

Nonsense , with adjustable seats and steering columns I can’t even believe you wrote that.


Unless the contemporary automobiles in which you sat were all sub-compacts, that statement just doesn’t make much sense.

I find bending over to be somewhat of an issue. My Honda CRV is pretty easy to get in and out of.

i think the selection of newer full frame RWD sedans is limited. maybe find as new/low mileage town car you can? should be easy on the internet

Sadly, the closest car to those you’ve owned is a Suburban or Escalade! Body on frame, V8 engines, RWD, isolated ride quality, but obviously taller.

The Forester is very easy to get in and out, and has tons of headroom. I have the seat all the way up, with an added cushion, and I have lots of headroom.

Note: get a car without sunroof, it subtracts an inch or two.

I am 6 foot tall and every car we have had since 1998 has had a power sun roof and it has not been a problem.

Consumer Reports recently had an article about recommended cars for seniors. As I recall the Subaru Forester was high on the list.

HELP… I need to purchase an automobile.

I’m not loaning you any money!! LOL :yum:


Without more info there’s nothing we can really help you with. New/used? Budget? Use?

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