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New or used car recommendation

She drives a 2001 Grand Marquis. The car has 127,000 miles and is reliable. Biggest problem is parking the tank when she goes to the store, shopping, etc

Need to find something smaller, sportier with asunroof and good gas mileage.

Daily commute is 20 miles and she’s nervous driving, passing on the freeway.

Too many blind spots on a car this large.

I know the Marquis is a good car, but she just can’t deal with the size of this beast.

Any thoughts regarding something smaller?

Sporty with a sunroof and good gas mileage, small, and reliable?

Look at Acura Integras or, if you want something newer, Acura RSX’s.

How old is the woman in question?

She will regret parting with the Grand the rest of her life…Switching from one of the best cars ever built to a FWD POS is like jumping off a cliff…

Blind spots?? Who cares! You change lanes and let THEM worry about it!!

The Mazda 3 is small, sporty, and should come with a sunroof.

Buick makes some really nice cars especially new ones. Take a wonder of the dealer.

Go try out a Pontiac G6. Sporty, comfortable, 30 MPG, etc. and lots of them around just back from rental duty. She will like it.

The GF is 58.

Ignore all of the above advice and let HER pick a car she likes and feels comfortable in. There are hundreds of possble choices.

I love my Scio tC. But I agree with McP. Get a Consumer Reports New Car Buyers’ Guide at the local bookstore and spend a weekend test driving those that look good to her.

Re: the blind spots. Those are common in cars today. I use convex “bullseye” mirrors to supplement the main flag mirrors and would not be without them. Parts stores will stock a variety of different ones to choose from.

How much does she want for the Grand?? Where is it located?

The new Buick Regal just coming out.