Replace a Grand Marquis

Setting the mirrors as I suggested may take some getting used to. My wife doesn’t like it and sets them her way. Give it a couple-a-three weeks to see if you find it useful. If it doesn’t work the way you like it, try moving the mirrors slightly in or out to set it to match your preferences. I find that about the time the car next to me exits the side mirror going forward, it enters my peripheral vision.

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As a former Grand Marquis/Crown Vic/Town Car owner, I have been pretty happy with my Toyota Avalon. I have the hybrid. The backup camera works well, except when there is bright sun on the dash. The ride is much less cushy, but it is acceptable.

How about a Ford Flex?

Thank you for your input. I have not tried the Avalon. I did have to rent a car for a week and was driving a Toyota 4runner and really liked it.

Take the Avalon for a long test ride. I fund that the upper back of the driver’s seat I see too narrow and is uncomfortable on my shoulder blades. Other than that, it is a great car. Of course, that was enough to take it off my list. I just had a 2019 Camry rental, and it was the same. This might not bother you, and could be a good replacement.