2007 Mercury Grand Marquis - What next?

I like the ride of the Grand Marquis. I need good visibility. I don’t need as large a car as this just want the ride.
What would you suggest?

Try various buicks.

Most new cars do not have as floaty a ride as a Grand so they will seem harsher . Something like a Buick Lacrosse might fit the bill .

The Ford Fusion has a cushy ride.


If you’re accustomed to riding in a buckboard

I had many of these cars. Eventually I transitioned to Toyota Avalon and have been very happy with them. However, if ride is a priority, I would avoid models 2012 and later.
They are super reliable and comfortable. You will see improvement in gas mileage.


Yes, the large Buicks have a good ride. My brother in law had a Crown Victoria, similar the the Grand Marquis Merc. and he now has a Buick Lacrosse which he really likes and it has a cushy ride.

Actually, I forgot to say that with 2019 the Toyota Avalon went back to its former soft ride.
Also, they are available in a hybrid, which I have and have been very happy with.

@melott The Avalon has been called a “Japanese Buick”. I have a consultant friend who drives many miles to remote oil installations and has bee driving the same Avalon for nearly 10 years. Flawless service and a very comfortable ride.

The Japanese do their market research and the vacancy left by the Crown Victoria and the Grand Marquis is being filled by the Avalon.