Repair Work Broke Stuff on my 2001 Impala



Had the catalytic converter, engine mounts and oil pan replaced. Now the Air Bag indicator is on and the cruise control doesn’t work. Are these 2 things wired in a single harness where the wire could have gotten disconnected or cut? Any other sugggestions?


Sorry, about a 99.5% chance unrelated.


Should have put in the posting that the airbag light and cruise control problems surfaced when I picked up the car


isnt the air bag enabled when the car senses speed??? and cruise control uses speed also? no relation?


The air bag safety restraint system (SRS) has a controller that is spitting out a trouble code, turning on the air bag light, and disabling the system. Get the code read, probably from the dealer or a body shop, and maybe the problem will lead to a common problem with the cruise control.


Best thing to do is take it back to the repair shop and ask them about it. Generally the work you had done would seem unrelated to the air bag and cruise control, but they may have had to remove other parts to do the work especially for the engine mounts. I recently changed a timiing belt on my Celica and one of the steps was to remove the motor mount, but before I could do that I had to disconnect and remove other things just to get access. Actually I think one of the things I had to disconnect was the cruise control actuator assembly. So they may have just forgot to connect something back up.