ABS and Cruise Control Connected?



I just got one of my front break pads replaced on my ?98 Subaru Legacy wagon. Up until that point, my cruise control worked perfectly, and I never had any glitches with it. About four days after getting the break work done, I tried using cruise control and got no response from it. The cruise control button will light up on the dash when I push it, but otherwise nada.

Now, I could never claim to be a car aficionado, but I do know enough to do some, spotty at best, diagnostic work. As with most people who don?t know much about cars, it?s either open the hood and pretend to look around, check the fuse box to see if anything has exploded, or kick the tires in disgust. I checked the fuse box.

Everything there was fine, however, I noticed that my ABS and Cruise Control are on the same circuit. Is it possible that while my car was being worked on, something got unplugged?


Your car has two fuse boxes–one under the hood and one under the left side of the dashboard. Check both before deciding that all is well with your fuses.


The cruse control relies on the brake light switch to turn it off when you press on the brakes. If that switch is defective, you can loose the cruse control.


Besides the brake light switch, the high center brake light bulb must light to complete the circuit, no? Yes?


The cruise control uses a speed sensor to detect wheel speed and it might be the same one the ABS uses. Have the sensor wire connector checked. It’s right behind the brake rotor…


Uh, no. Why would you think the cruise control cancel would depend on the center mounted brake light bulb? I mean it could be wired that way, but it would be a really dumb way to do it.


Am I the only one who wonders why only ONE front brake pad was replaced?


No, McP, you’re not.

OP, enquiring minds want to know, why one pad???

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Actually, it wasn’t a brake pad. The OP clearly stated that it was a break pad, which I believe is a small apartment where one enjoys short periods of leisure time–sort of like a pied-a-terre.



I agree with JEM about checking the brake pedal for a switch problem. There may be a second switch mounted there for the cruise control. A common problem is the switch gets out of adjustment and the CC thinks the brake is on when it really isn’t. Therefore the CC will not set.