Buick Cruise Control Problem


I have a 2001 Buick LeSabre with The cruise control in the Sterring wheel. I hit a deer a few months ago to the tune of $4200. The car was repaired well, but the cruise control did not work after the accident. On the Steering wheel left is an ON/OFF switch and Right are the SET/Resume buttons. I find that if I hold down the ON/OFF button and Set the speed the System will work… but let off on the ON/OFF button… and the system stops. Common sense would tell me it is the ON/OFF switch in the Steering wheel…But I don;t really care to pull it apart with the Air bags, etc… Would you agree that this is the problem and the only approch to repair.

Thanks C


If the switch is a latching type and not a momentary type then I would say you are correct. Since this problem happened with the acccident hopefully the repair would be covered under your insurance plan.

You are wise to stay away from the airbag. It can be disarmed but the proper steps need to be taken when doing that. I would let the pros handle the repair.


"Would you agree that this is the problem and the only approach to repair. "

I have removed and tested a number of these steering wheel switches. They are quite separate from the airbag. I encourage you to take a closer look at how they are held in place (typically by screws in the rear) and their removal ought not to disturb the airbag at all.


I guess I don;t understand a Momentary switch…maybe it just sends a signal to an actuator???
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I will look at it tonight…I have one of those generic Buick repair manuals, but of course it has nothing on Cruise control repair and troubleshooting…only Wheel removal.
appreciate the help


I think Cougar is on the right track. The switch on the steering wheel only works when you press it (momentarily). It’s not like a toggle switch.