2003 Honda Civic - Cruise control not operational after timing belt/clutch master cylinder repair

As a precautionary measure, I recently had the timing belt replaced on my 2003 Honda Civic. The mechanic noticed that the clutch master cylinder was leaking and I also had that replaced. After the repair, I noticed that my cruise control does not work (turns-on on the dashboard but does not work). I am taking the car back to have it fixed.

My question is where/what areas should I ask the mechanic to check to fix? I am thinking it could be as simple as a disconnected connection but I am not entirely sure.

Thanks in advance for help/suggestions.

There is an electrical switch on the clutch somewhere. It kills the cruise when you depress the clutch, to keep the motor from over reving. That’s what I’d look at first.

Another possibility is a vacuum hose that came loose and was not restored.

I would just tell the mechanic what you told us and ask him to fix it. You shouldn’t have to pinpoint it for him.

Well, I took it back to the mechanic and they checked it out and claim that the Cruise Control Servo/actuator is bad. I was given an estimate of around $700 to repair. Given the age of the car and cost of repair, I am leaning on doing this myself. (I am handy with tools).

Thank you for all your help/comments.