New Cruise Control Problems

I recently had my power window motor replaced, and my A/C charged, after that my cruise control started going off by its self, when I turned on the turn signal or opened the window, it only happens when the body is warm, not the engine. I had someone say, some of these vehicles have been found to have been built with a pinched wire (or wire harness) where the sunshade pivot arms go through, but I have had this car almost 2 years and it never did this till this work was done on it. What can I check for? It’s a 2001 Olds Intrique.

When you have a problem after a repair, the first thing to do is re-check the work done. Pull the door panel and check the wire harness and also check the wiring under the hood. It would help to have a wiring schematic to see where the wires have a common point.

Looked at all the wires, and under hood, but nothing looked out of the ordinary. Also the brake light is on, brakes are fine.