Repair or Buy?

I own a 2001 Pontiac Grand AM. The clutch and the transmission are dead.

I looked on Kelly’s Blue Book and my car is worth $900 for a trade or $2500 if I sold it fixed.

Cheapest repair I can get in Kansas City is $1500 which includes an older transmission with 75K on it.

I questioning whether it’s worth it or if I should go ahead and buy another car. My wife and I were planning on buying one in another year when our student loans are paid off.

Looking for advice. What would you do in our situation?

Exactly what are the clutch and transmission doing and/or not doing?

if you can get buy let it go. if this is the only car you have you may have to fix it, but if you can, replace it as soon as you can. Jack.

While driving gears 1, 2, and reverse won’t work. Third will grind until yesterday. Now 3rd is out. Took it to a Car Talk verified mechanic. They said that the transmission would need to be rebuilt and the clutch replaced.

$900 would probably be a long shot if you tried to trade it in as is.
Pay the $1500, if possible, but start looking for a replacement vehicle

Can you find a reliable car that will last for another year for $1500? If so, but it and get rid of the Grand Am. Otherwise, get it repaired.