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Repair worth it

my transmission/tranaxle on my 2003 vibe just went on me the other day, the car has less than 100k on it. the mechanic is quoting me at 2817 for the work and parts with a one year warranty on the parts, is it worth fixing or should i just cut my losses and scrap the car?

Get a second quote for the same work.

Consider this, fix it and then you can decide to keep it or sell it. Trying to sell it now is not going to a profit maker.

Agreed. Call around for other prices. You should probably make the repair, since a sale will not net you very much.

Whether you should scrap the car depends to a great extent on the overall condition of the car, and that depends largely on well it has been maintained.

Have you carefully maintained it according to GM’s maintenance schedule?
If so, this Toyota in Pontiac clothing has many more good miles left in it.
If not, then it might be time to move on. Timely maintenance is cheaper than lax maintenance, but whatever is done is done, in terms of the car’s maintenance record over the past 7 years.

As to the price, much depends on what type of repairs are being done.
If you post a list of the parts and the job order, you will get some useful feedback–especially if our resident transmission expert–TRANSMAN–happens to read your post.