High RPM Shifting


My 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix just spent 4 weeks in the garage having the transmission rebuilt. On the short drive home from the shop the check engine light came on (my code reader says P0742), the ABS light came on, and it started not shifting out of 1st gear until the low 4000-rpm range (even when barely pressing the gas).

The tranny shop says its my fault it broke in the first place and wont honor their 1 year warranty because I have low-profile tires with a slightly smaller (1.25in) diameter than stock.

What should I do?



P0742 is the code for the torque converter clutch circuit stuck on.

The shop is full of bull. I wish I knew a way to force them to honor their warranty, but I don’t. You could file a formal complaint with your state’s Atty General’s Office of Consumer Affairs. Small claims court is another option. But whatever route you choose, you may have to have the problem evaluated by another shop and get a detailed written report.


Where is Transman618 when he is needed?

Smaller tires would make absolutely no difference. Complete BS. Sounds like small claims court time.

4 weeks to rebuild a common GM transmission?? What shop did you take it to?? How many miles on this car?

Yea, I thought 4 weeks was too long too. This is the second time he’s had it as well. The first time it took him 3 weeks to rebuild it, and it barely lasted a month. That’s when I took it back to him (only because of the warranty), and it took him another 4 weeks. Its John Grills Auto Repair in Franklin, PA.

There’s about 43k miles on the car.

Thats what I was afraid of; I don’t want to take a guy to court, but I don’t think he’s leaving me any other options.

Does your local tv station have a consumer affairs reporter? They can be really effective.