She revs but wont go

I have a 2003 Pontiac Vibe, manual transmissionb. When I give it gas the rpms shoot up, but the car doesn’t move. Well, it moves but REALLY slowly - 0 to 60 in 4 or 5 blocks. Anyone have any idea what’s wrong and how many $100’s it’s going to cost me to get it fixed?

You need a good mechanic. It sounds like the clutch is toast. You will need to get a few estimates since prices vary widely from region to region. This is NOT a simple fix.

If that happens when it’s in gear, your clutch would be slipping. That could mean it is not engaging properly or simply worn out.

You will likely need a new clutch; I don’t know the cost , but BUDGET at least $300+ so you will not have nasty surprises.

Good luck!

I’d say you need a new clutch. What you describe are the classic symptoms of a worn out clutch. How many miles on this car?

It sounds like your clutch is slipping. Go to a good independent transmission shop (not a chain) and have it checked out.

You can count this as vote #5 for the clutch being worn-out.
While I usually agree with Docnick, I am going to disagree with him on the cost of replacing the clutch.
I suggest that you budget at least twice the amount that he mentioned.

Thanks VDC; The $300 minimum would be the cost of adjusting and cleaning, if the clutch is still serviceable. I agree that an entiely new clutch would be several times that. In view of the car’s age, it will likely be a new clutch.