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Repair on 1999 Civic

My 1999 Honda Civic has 370,000 miles (been good to me) and it finally gave out. Car bucked few times and then stalled. All wires were tested, coil was replaced, icm replaced and still no spark. Haven’t checked crank sensor yet. Could it be computer? Does anyone have any advice on what it could be besides the obvious.

This car has served you well; I would have a good mechanic go over it and tally what it needs NOW and what it needs in the next year or so.

The mileage and age indicates you don’t want to spend serious money here, and the reliability will be decreasing rapidly from here on.

The bucking indicates either a failing/failed fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, or your air filter is so plugged up the car can’t get any air. Try the fuel filter/pump first.

Ignition switches are a common problem with this era of Honda and your car is under a Recall for this problem; which means the repair would be free of charge at the Honda dealer.
These switches are also problematic even on Hondas that aren’t under a Recall.

Verify that voltage is being provided to the coil when the key is in both the RUN and the START positions. If not, the switch likely faulty.
Before doing this, go over ALL of the fuses and fuse links as it’s possible that a blown fuse or link could be preventing electrical power from reaching the switch.

Thank you for this information. I NEVER even knew (thought you get a notice) that there was a recall on ignition switch for this car. Unfortunately, the voltage was checked and it was being provided in both RUN and START. All fuses and fuse links checked out okay. All wires giving juice, and diagnostic leads to ICM. It isn’t a Hitachi that was replaced, but we replaced it twice in case first ICM was faulty, STILL not sparking. Does this sound like computer is failing?

Thank you for your response and yes it has served me well. I thought I responded back, but I don’t see it. Anyway, everything from soup to nuts was checked on this car. The diagnostic pointed to ICM although was tested as working so we replaced it anyway. Still no spark, coil okay, fuses, fuse links, wires etc… It is beyond frustrating. I went to salvage yard and picked up a used computer just to see if this might be the problem. That will be tomorrow’s main event. I hate to give up on this car, first time giving a problem, but as you said, I don’t want to spend serious money.

Just wanted to update…bought a distributor from salvage yard for $55.00. That was the problem. I don’t know what wasn’t working on our kit as all tested with voltage, but…this did the trick.

Just wanted to update…bought a distributor from salvage yard for $55.00. That was the problem. I don’t know what wasn’t working on our kit as all tested with voltage, but…this did the trick.

If the vacume advance diaphram on the distributor was blown that would cause something like this. Or if the drive gear shear pin broke that would also cause this. Examine the old distributor, tear it down if need be since you dont need it anymore, and find out how if failed, this could be a clue to what might or might not happen next.

Based on the comment about having power provided in both positions of the switch I was going to suggest a faulty distributor/igniter but you beat me to it.

That being said, I would definitely get any and all Recalls performed including the switch. These are all free so take advantage of it.

Thanks, this is good information and IF something should happen next, this could save time and $$$$$$$.

P.S. Great name!

Distributor was the last resort since I thought I would have to get one from Honda and a rebuilt is costly. Just found out I have a Honda/Acura salvage yard 20 minutes away. It’s better than shopping in a mall! (for the record, I am a female) LOL… Thanks again for the Recall info.

One issue with a faulty ignition switch (although not as common as the engine simply stalling or failing to start) is that they can be a potential fire hazard. Poor contacts inside the switch cause high resistance in the electrical circuits and this means more heat inside that switch.

Cars of various makes have burnt to the ground because of faulty ign. switches so it is something that should be taken care of if the Recall has not been performed.

Now that is scary. I am definitely putting that on my list to do ASAP. I assume I just mention recall and no questions asked they replace it. Is there any limitation to when you get this done, i.e. 11 years later???

I believe that was the problem with my 1998 Honda Civic (

I took my car twice to a Honda shop and they did not figure out the problem. I took it to a Sunoco station and they installed a new ignition. Would it be possible for me to write Honda and get reimbursed?

Check this out, seems like they will reimburse.

A mandated Recall is forever, no matter how many years or owners. There are several Recalls out on these cars so get them all done at once.

You’re correct, just give the VIN to the dealer and it should only take a few minutes to pull it up. Reimbursement for a repair is also likely because it’s cheaper to reimburse you than risk going in front of a jury later for a lawsuit due to a collision, injuries, etc.
The bean counters and legal people have all of this weighed out.

I am searching any/all recalls on this make model as we speak. I will have Honda address them sooner than later. And as you said, I could give VIN number to dealer and have them tell me, but I want to research as well… I have a 2004 Accord that had two recalls that I took care of, but didn’t get any info. for Civic (I believe I had different address)… Thanks again.

Just a FYI…thought all was good…check engine light came on… here we go again… I am hoping/thinking 0xygen Sensor got gunked up from trying to turn over while diagnosing problem in the first place. After all it’s been through, I don’t know if glitch or trying to tell me something. Any ideas?