1998 Honda Civic

I have a 1998 Honda Civic that won’t start.

It wasn’t driven for about 2 months and the battery went dead. Since the battery was old to begin with, I have replaced it. When I turn the ignition on I get all dash lights etc., but no start. There are no ignition sounds at all when turning the key. I’m thinking starting motor or solenoid (does it even have a solenoid?)as being the problem. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Could be the solenoid (it’s right on the starter) or the ignition switch, or just a fuse.

If it’s an automatic transmission, try shifting into neutral, and then try starting it.


In your home, if you flip an electrical switch to turn on an electric motor, and it doesn’t turn on, do you suspect the motor, or the switch (or, possibly wiring)? Same logic applies in a car.
There is a recall on the ignition switch for your Honda Civic. It may be the problem. It’s Compaign number case 02V120000. Call Honda America at 1-800-999-1009. Have the VIN # when you call and ask to ensure that your car is covered.

Another possible switch is the neutral safety switch (also, called the gear-shift position switch). The starter solenoid is a possibility, since, it is a switch. When you hold the ignition switch to START, does 12 volts get to the little wire on the starter solenoid (to power the solenoid)? All you need to check it is a test light, or a voltmeter.