Recall 99 Honda Civic

My 99 Honda Civic Ex has been stalling intermittenly so I checked the recalls and noticed one for Electrical System-Ignition switch. Has anyone else taken their car in for this recall and did it help the stalling issue. Thanks Nell

At ten years old I can tell you that there are countless possible causes for stalling intermittantly, including a long overdue tuneup. Your best bet is to tell your shop of choice what’s happening and let them diagnose it. If you plan to wrk on it yourself, you can start by checking for stored fault codes and posting them here.

The problem may ultimately turn out ot be the ignition switch, but there’s nowhere near enough info to guess at this point.

By the way, how many miles does it have on it and how well has it been maintained?

Thanks for the feedback. Yes it has been well maintained and it has 180,000. I just recently changed:

  1. Igniter
  2. ingintion coil
  3. plugs & wires
  4. fuel filter
    5.main fuel relay
    6.distributor cap & rotor
    and it still stalls.

If you are not the original owner, it is possible that the car was brought in for repair under that recall before you bought it. If you go to the service department at any Honda dealership and you give them the VIN, they can tell you if the car was repaired under that recall.

If it was not already repaired, then why not have it done since it will be gratis? You have nothing to lose and potentially you will gain a better-running car. If it does not work, at least the repair will not have cost you any money.

Yes I am taking it in for the recall. You are right I have nothing to loose! I am hoping it fixes the stalling problem.

Knowing these additional details, I agree with VDC’s post below.

If it doesn’t help, post back. We’d still like to try to help.

The first question would be is it stalling under specific conditions, such as when idling at a light, when stepping on the brakes, only when at operating temperature, when accelerating, etc.?

Have you tried checking for stored fault codes?

It stalls when it is hot outside. It is not particular about when it stalls; stepping on the brakes, accelerating etc. If you let it sit about 10 minutes it will eventually start. Yes I have checked the stored fault codes and nothing shows up. Thanks for your help!

You have changed most of the components which can cause stalling. (A replacement of the distributor would have taken care of: 1., 2., and 6., plus three sensors.) The main fuel relay, you changed, is the PGM-FI compound relay under the dash? Then, “Hello!, new ignition switch!”

I hope the ignition switch is the ticket!Thanks for your feedback!

I was hoping that there might be a follow up to this issue.
I am dealing w/ my sister in laws car who is experiencing a similar issue that occurs during the heat of the day. So far I have changed spark plug/rotor/cap checked main relay, and am going to see about the ignition switch next.

Any follow up, did the ignition switch resolve it for you?

Yes the recall for the ignition switch was the ticket. It works great now.
Have a great day!