1 problem. 99 repairs

Okay, this will make you guys think .
Just recently my car has been acting weird . Idling has been fluctuating down to about 200 rpms and going back up to a thousand . It started to die after driving it around ! Its jerk as if i shifted wrong … Then die . I’d usually have to wait about 15-20 min for it to start back up again . So after that occurring. I went ahead and replaced the following …
Spark plugs
Spark wires
… The car would drive perfect some days for a full day and then die randomly …After dying a second time… I replaced the distributor . She still died . But the final time it died it dropped straight to 0 rpm and the engine still ran ! I pushed the gas to see if the rpm would go back to normal … But the engine just revved and no sign of the rpms going up . After 5 seconds of being at 0 rpm it died & wont start now AT ALL . I turned my keys and no sing of the fuel pump turning on (the hum) or the main relay turning on (the click) . I replaced my Main and still no luck . Im stuck . Please help !
Honda Civic 99 SI

Your model of Honda is under a Recall for faulty ignition switches so maybe that is the problem.
Even Hondas not covered by this Recall suffer from the same problem.

You might give your local Honda service department a call and provide the VIN of the car. They should be able to tell you in a few minutes if you’re covered for this. If so, the repair is free of charge as there are no time or mileage limits on Recalls and as long as the Recall has never been performed in the past. Hope that helps and good luck.

+1 for ok4450.

If the ignition switch checks out okay then perhaps the crank sensor may be causing the tach not to work and the engine trouble. Check the error codes stored in the ECU.

I think you may have more than one problem. But get the ignition switch fixed first, then let us know if the down/up idling problems remains.

clean the EGR valve if it is original. The actuation shaft can get sticky.