1999 Honda Civic stalling problem

I bought a 99 honda lx back in april of 2020 it was running good. Now when I drive it it will stall on me while driving. It will crank over and start and die about 10 or 15 times and then start back up and run again. Whats the problem.

With all the information you provided, it sounds like the problem is your car stalls while driving.

Does the check engine light work ?
Is the check engine light on ?
If the check engine light is on, get the codes read and post them here.

My wild guess would be a bad fuel pump.

…or fuel pump relay or ignition switch.

Could be a bad crankshaft position sensor.


1999 Civics are under a Recall for failing ignition switches which can cause a no-start or stalling condition.
Call any Honda dealer, provide the VIN, and they can tell you if this is covered or not. Covered means it’s a free of charge repair to you.

If this Recall has been performed in the past then you are out of luck on a freebie as Recalls are a one-shot deal. Even if the Recall has been performed in the past that does not mean it’s not suffering he same switch problem yet again. In a no-start situation it’s very easy to test for a switch failure.