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Repair manual for Honda Ridgeline

Can anyone suggest the best repair manual for a Honda Ridgeline 2006? I not very good with repairs but if there is good instructions and pictures thern I’ll try. Also, it helps to me know what work it will take to do something like changing a light, a speaker, or door locks. thanks for your help?

Your best bet is to come up with an actual factory service manual. They do cost a bit but you’ll save more than that over time.

The Haynes/Chilton’s manuals from auto parts stores are often better than nothing but not very good.

I have no experience with them but I’ve heard people say good things about Helms manuals.

But if you’re going to keep the vehicle a long time I doubt you’d regret getting a copy of the factory manual.

A CD like this is probably your cheapest and best option:

I have one of these CDs for my Odyssey and am very satisfied. I also use AllData free through my local library.