One repair manual for both 2008 and 2010 Fits?

My wife has 2008 Fit, which she likes because it is somewhat conservative looking. I have a 2010 Honda Fit, which I like because it is more sporty looking, and most importantly, because it has an MP3 jack :-). We both love our Fits.

I want to buy the maintenance/repair manual, either from Chilton’s or…their competitor…or the one straight from Honda. Is there one version of the manual I can get that will be mostly useful for both cars? Or will I have to splurge for both the 2008 and (when it’s available) the 2010 versions?

What are the major differences with our cars that a DIY-er should know about, and which specific manual do you recommend?

(I have changed front brakes, oil, air filters…so I like to think I’m at least graduated from mechanical newbie-dom to…somewhat less incompetent-dom?)

Thank you for any advice.

I think Honda only redesigns its cars every four years or so, but I don’t know for sure. The answer to your question is on the cover of the manuals on the shelf at your auto parts store. If it lists both model years, one manual will do the trick.

Chiltons are a waste of trees in my opinion. Haynes is better but don’t expect detail out of those soft cover manuals. For some general stuff they’re acceptable although there are errors in them.

For detail and accuracy you can’t beat the factory manuals although they’re pricier. Now and then, even the factory boys make a mistake or two in their information though.
You might consider a subscription to ALLDATA as an option.