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Honda Civic ('05) - Repair Manuals (Haynes, Chilton, etc)?

Hi -

I was just wondering if anybody knows why there don’t seem to be repair manuals for the 2005 Honda Civic? Did Honda somehow prevent repair manuals being made for this year? It seems kind of strange, that one can find these repair models for pretty much everything but the 2005.

On the same note, since I believe the body style changed significantly starting in 2006, is it safe to assume the 20xx-2004 manual would be more than adequate?


I’m sure you can get a Honda factory manual, but it will be significantly more expensive than one of the others. I think the car just isn’t old enough yet.

Things change on cars from year to year, usually having to do with electronics and emission controls. I’d try to get a manual that covers the 2005 cars.

Try Maybe they will have something.

Helm, Inc. has Honda factory manuals. The 2005 Civic manual is $70.

I bought Helm manuals for my 92 and 98 Accords when the cars were new. Cost about $60 each. Considering the current service rates of $70 per hour at my Honda dealer I’ve paid for the books many times over. This was money well spent. There should be a contact for Helms in the back of your owner’s manual.

If you don’t want to spring for the factory manual, that 2000-2004 manual should be fine.

If you must get one of those inexpensive soft-cover manuals then get the Haynes. They’re a semi-embarassment whereas the Chiltons are a total embarassment in a technical sense.
Since these manuals are pretty generic the one fits all will probably be acceptable.

For details you really have to spring for the factory type manuals and while not as detailed as the factory manuals, the hard cover Chiltons are acceptable.

According to Wikipedia, the seventh generation of the Civic was 2001-2005. The manual for the 2004 model should be fine. It was probably printed in 2004 before the publisher knew whether or not Honda would redesign the Civic.

You may have hit a publishing schedule. Maybe they will print one soon with the 2005 model included on the cover. Haynes is supposed to be better than Chilton. The dealer used to give out the card to order manuals from Helm, which used to be where you could get the same book the dealer has.