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2002 Ford Escape Moonroof Frame Repair

I own a 2002 Ford Escape, and it appears as though the sunroof/moonroof has quit. The motor runs; this is not an electrical issue. It’s almost as if there are two cables, a left one and a right one, and only the right one is “connected”; the thing moves forward and backward, as long as I help it along on the left side. The right-side tilt mechanisim works, but the left doesn’t.

Might be jumping to conclusions, but I think it’s the frame mechanism itself. I also own a Maxima that had its sunroof go bad twice, and it was a broken cable. Different car, I know, but dang if the symptoms aren’t painfully familiar.

Is there a way to have these frame mechs repaired? It’s a long job to take them out; that’s a big headliner. I’m sure a car repair place will charge 1 day labor, and it’s a $900 part (I already checked). At least on the Nissan I could replace the cables (with an improved design).

My alternative solution: Take out the fuse.

Just hoping someone out there can help me find a way other than “New sunroof frame from a dealer”; I’d settle for used, or cables, or someone really good near Sacramento that can repair the entire mech.

You might want to check this site. They have the side brackets for the Escape for $150. My sunroof needs new brackets, but is still working. I’m holding off the repair since I don’t feel like removing the headliner.

That is excellent information. Thank you.

Given that I have managed to do this task on a Maxima, I think, given a few hours, I can also fix this Escape.

Well, I think I may be up a creek. Ford sells only the entire “sunroof frame” now – no more individual parts.

A Ford dealer near Las Vegas offered to sell me a new frame for $650. The list price is over $900.

I still want to do it myself, but I also feel pretty comfortable with the mech who changed out the engine last year. I plan to check with them tomorrow to see if he can get as good a line on part as he did on the nearly-new engine he found me.

I fixed the frame myself today, instead of replacing the whole thing. Took all day, $150.

Local mechanic would have replace the entire frame… $1,000.

I’m happy.

Glad to hear things worked out. It’s nice but rare when the OP posts back with the results. Just curious, did you use Sunroof Doctor? If so, was the service satisfactory?

Ed B.

Got the kit from Sunroof Doctor for $150. Instructions were clear enough for someone with moderate experience. I don’t recommend this job for beginners, but really, it wasn’t that hard.

When I did the Maxima a few years ago, we could not, for the life of us, figure out how to get the headline out of the vehicle. We had it inside the vehicle during the entire job, but couldn’t figure out how to get it out of any doors.

No such problem on the Escape.