Cleaning car exterior (tar?)

New Toyota. Stains down low on side of painted area, some but not all look like tar. They don’t wash off, and GooGone didn’t take them off. On my 57 Olds I would have use gasoline to clean the paint. Is that safe for clear coat? I assume a cleaner-wax is not a good idea 6 months after purchase…suggestions?

WD-40 works on stuff like that. I use it for pine sap…and to freshen up my guitar strings between changes.

Turtle Wax makes a very good Bug & Tar Remover.
You should check the packaging just to make sure, but my recollection is that it is safe to use on fairly new paint.

I used that Turtle Wax remover after each winter in Anchorage, surprising how much tar and stuff was on the car. It worked great.

I would definitely go with the Bug & Tar remover. I’ve used it successfully for many years.

Or, use 100% mineral spirits. Same basic stuff at a fraction of the cost.

Yes for heavens sake, use Bug and Tar remover not all that other stuff. That’s what its made for. Be careful on a new finish though that it doesn’t spot. I use the Turtle Was stuff because it doesn’t strip the wax but it is not as effective as Napa’s.

3M adhesive (and wax and tar and sap etc.) remover. I use it for just about everything that gives me a little trouble removing. It os absolutly harmless to the finish and really does the job. You will remove the wax too, so wash, rinse and re wax the surface.

Thanks for the suggestions. I haven’t used wax on it, and won’t for awhile because it’s a new car.
I was worried about damage to clear coat by either the cleaner, or leaving these stains set in.

After 6 months (+ however long before it was sold) I wouldn’t worry about the finish with the Turtle Wax cleaner.

I used 3 M adhesive remover on a new truck to remove the decals. I had it for less then a month. It does nothing to the clear coat which is just another layer without the pigment. 3M is harmless to “painted” surfaces including clear coat. You are safe.

I don’t know why you would wait for 6 months before applying a coat of wax. Back in the day of lacquer paints, you had to wait 3 months, but I don’t believe that applies to todays polyurethane clear coats.

I would never have used gasoline to clean the paint on my 57 Olds. It’s funny, both my new Subaru and the 57 Olds Super 88 2 door coupe I had as a teen were both the same color, white pearl.

Clear coat is just paint without the pigment. Nothing special. It gives a deeper shine and was developed because factory paint jobs back then were awful.

Gasoline is dangerous. The fumes, if lit, will burn your face off before you can get out of the way.

Exactly. Tractors don’t normally use clear coat…they just do a "better " paint job with more layers of paint. The disadvantage is, through wear, it starts looking lived in with different shades. It’s more important a car surface looks better as it ages and wears. Crappy looking paint jobs on a working tractor are revered, just like the dust and dirt they accumulate.

But still, some owners clear coat later and I suspect, some are now new as well. I really don’t like the faded look but they are way too convoluted to easily coat without disassembly. Besides, tractor owners don’t want to pay extra for that plastic look when they could better put the money into another attachment…like clear coat or a down payment on a new brush hog ? Hmmmmm. It’s normal for an owner to grab a few cans of Rustolium in a color that is anywhere near close and repainted a few body panels…just to keep the family happy. Wish we still felt that way about cars ! Besides, faded orange looks better as it Ages.

Bounty fabric softener sheets. Wet it…then run the stains away.

“Bounty fabric softener sheets”

Did you mean “Bounce” fabric softener sheets?
“Bounty” is a brand of paper towels.

Fabric softener sheets. Get empty spray bottle, put in sheet and fill half way with regular water. let it sit overnight. Get another sheet, spray solution on area, wipe with sheet, it’s AMAZING how well this works! You’re into it for less than a dollar. Rocketman

Did you mean "Bounce" fabric softener sheets?

Yea…that’s what I meant.

@dagosa Are you telling me you don’t wax and polish your tractor? Say it ain’t so.