Door Panel

How do you remove the driver’s side door panel on a Chrysler Town n Country van?

Same way as any vehicle built. Break off all the plastic clips and lift up.

Seriously though, you WILL break a few clips no matter how careful you are so have some spares on hand before you start.

There is a thin tool available to slip down inside the panel to pop it loose from the clips.
***Note: do this procedure after doing the step below.

The door handle usually has a couple of screws holding it in place (some are difficult to locate), remove them and with a small screwdriver, carefully pry out the power window/door locks/sliding doors/remote mirror control panel out of the door arm rest.

NOW you can remove the panel and follow these steps.
Disconnect the wiring and also the wiring from the door speakers.

Carefully peel back the protective vapor barrier. Try not to rip it and carry on with your project.

BTW, why do you need to do this?

A Haynes repair manual is a big help with these projects.(any automotive store, $20)