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Door Panel Removal

How do I remove the inside door panel on a 2001 GMC Yukon. I removed two screws, one under the bottom of the door panel and the other one under the door handle. I also removed the light casing, the power door lock casing, and the door handle casing…I tried to remove the panel and I am not having any luck…Is there something else I need to remove so I can take off the panel!

Speaker panel? Is there a little cup on the arm rest, or a screw under the arm rest (or both)?

Also, I’m guessing there’s more than 1 screw along the bottom.

Take something flat and stiff, and insert it between the door panel and the door at the bottom, and pry the plastic clips out of the door to remove the panel.


Autozone has directions and illustrations for removing the door panel under “Lock and Lock Systems”.

You may have to register on the site.

Ed B.

Thanks I will the suggestions listed…

These things come in handy for not leaving tool marks:

Chances are that there are some kind of fastener / clips which are attached to the panel and which insert into holes in the door. These pop off with a little pressure applied from behind the panel, thus Tester’s suggestion to get something flat and stiff…a longish screwdriver would probably do, to pry the panel away from the sheetmetal. Because I have it, I use a seven inch long carpenter’s flat bar, or you could spring a few bucks and buy the tool at a parts store. You fish around with the tool to locate the fasteners, and apply gentle pressure until you discover just how much force it takes to pop them out. As you get some of those loose, the panel will move around a bit which will help locate remaining fasteners and pinch points. You may also find that the top edge of the panel has a bit of a lip which slips into the space between the glass and the sheetmetal of the door and pinches there. If yours has that, you may need to lift up, perhaps with a fair amount of force to overcome the snug fit at that lip.