Removing 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 armrest

how do i remove the arm rest on my 2011 silveradeo does it pry off with clips it is cracked like the above vehicle this is the second time for me it is a wt (work truck) short bed manual doors and windows

Check on youtube for a video on how to take the door panel off. The armrest, I believe, needs to be unfastened from underneath so the panel needs to come off.

How did you replace it the first time??? I doubt the procedure has changed.


I’m guessing you have to remove the vertically oriented handle ass’y first. That’s done by prying off the cover, then two bolts underneath.

To remove the armrest, hard to say exactly from the diagram I’m looking at, but you may have to remove the upper trim panel, the window control switch, water deflector, locking knob ass’y (lower window, unlocked position, pry detent tab then pull out knob), front side trim panel cover, 3 trim panel retainer clips, handle bezel cover, at that point you should be able to access three bolts holding the arm rest.

fyi, there’s a customer interest bulletin on the pull handle ass’y, number 16 NA 215. Might want to take a look at that to see if it applies to your vehicle while you are working in that area anyway.

If that’s how it is done, that appears to be a pretty time consuming job just to remove the armrest … on my classic Ford truck there’s 3 easily accessed bolts that hold it on. Takes about 3 minutes total … lol …