Remote Starter

2006 Toyota Solara SLE convertible. It has a factory installed remote starter and my mother has done it once but can not remember how she did it. How do you use the remote. This is our fist Toyota.

I’m sure it’s covered in the owner’s manual.

Go to your local dealership, they should know how it works

Read the manual.

You sure it’s a factory remote starter?

The factory thought you might be curious about that, so they thoughtfully wrote down the instructions and put them in your glove compartment.

You may not have a factory-installed remote starter. The owner’s manual for your car doesn’t mention a remote-start option. Check this site: The device might have been installed by the dealer, or some other third party. If there is a manufacturer’s name on the thing, check their web-site, or go to an electronics store that sells and installs them.

One other thing: Your car is equipped with a theft-deterrent system that relies on a transponder located in the key. This system might not function if the car is started remotely. Good luck.

Frankly she should not use it. Remote starter are not a great idea. It is far better for the car to be started and then driven at reasonable speeds until it is fully warm. Idling to warm a car is hard on the car. Driving it is much better for the car. It also reduces the chance of someone driving off with it.

When the car is running, if someone put their foot on the brake pedal without the key in the ignition, it shuts the car off. While it may not be a good idea to use it, they do help a lot. I’ve used mine a couple times when the weather got pretty hot so I could have a nice cool car when I got into it. Mostly during the winter I use it since I park my car outside. Now, more than ever, I’ll need it to have a clear view when I leave for work in the morning since my commute is less than 3 miles to work.