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Problems with Remote Car Starters

The Saturn dealer does not install remote car starters and recommends against them because they compromise the car’s (Saturn L200) security system. My son is a college student and must park outside. What is the real danger of installing a remote car starter. Actually a remote windshield defroster is all he needs but I don’t think that exists, does it?

lazy techs thats all,I work at a dealer and would install that in any vehicle.

the story they told you is just that,LAZY. PURE MYTH! that or ignorant on said system?

hope that helps

did I fire 5 shots… or six? (in all the excitement I forgot.

If they wanna steal it , they’re gonna steal it , period.

Most remote start kits have a protection in them that will not allow the car to be put in drive, It will stop the already started engine ( and the column is still locked ). When you get to your locked car to drive , you still have to insert the ignition key to complete the circuit to be able to drive.

And that’s about the only real danger of remote starters, when they’re installed properly that is. When you insert your key into the ignition, just lick it to where it’d be after you’ve started it normally. Trying to start your car while it’s running can lead to starter damage

the system shuts the car off with a brake input,and if that fails the column is locked,if that fails the vehicle will shut off in 5-15 mins.fact system still works as designed.


And…We’ve had zero problems ( niether tech nor thievery )with the Ford kits installed at my dealer.

My son is a college student and must park outside.

Poor boy. Frankly it is better for the car if you don’t let it idle after you start it. Just start and drive off at moderate speeds until it warms up. Warming up a car at idle is hard on the car and it does not warm up many parts of the car like steering, transmission, bearings struts etc. Have you son do his car a favor and tell him to put on another sweater (good Christmas present idea) and start and drive the car as soon as the engine is drivable (usually about 10 seconds).

Joseph, I think You’re Being Facetious When You Write, “Poor Boy.”

I Like This “Tough Love” Approach. It Builds Character And Makes One Have Something To Look Forward To!
I’ve Always Advocated The “Walk It Off” Approach For Minor Injuries, Too!

My “poor boy” is away finishing his last year of college. He has it pretty rough. Tuition is paid. He has a nice car. He shares a nice little house. “Studies” with single women. Eats whatever he wants. Sets his own hours. Doesn’t have to deal with mom and dad. Has more disposable income (works right on campus part-time)than I have. Poor boy.

I tell my kids, when it comes to cold cars or any of life’s little obstacles, “That’s what students are supposed to do!” “You’re not a CEO, … yet.”

When I was in college, true story, not the walked to school both ways up-hill routine, I drove a 64 Beetle with one hand, and continually scraped frost off the windshield with my other trembling hand. My feet were frozen through my snowmobile boots, by the time I got to campus. We have gone all the way to -40F where I live, not the wind-chill -40 that pertains to naked airmen in the military service, but the real -40F. I still don’t have remote start (I don’t need it, I’m toughened up). What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, but I really appreciate car heaters, now!

P.S. I like your gift idea, too. It rocks! One could use a good swearter while “walking it off,” and maybe snowmobile boots and mittens, too.

I have installed remote starters myself, in several vehicles, over the past 10 years and have never had a problem with any of them. In the most recent install, I had to install a seperate anti-theft bypass module which allows the vehicle to be started (remotely) without the key in the ignition. Again, I’ve had no problem with this either. Here in the New England, if you don’t park in an enclosed garage, you can either scrape the windshield almost daily from November to late March, or warm the car up and let the defroster do a better job for you. I just happen to choose the latter. Plus, if you have a remote starter, it saves you the time of running outside and starting the car, not to mention that most of these remote starters have a safety which shuts the car off after a period of time - better than forgetting you have the engine running. I’d highly recommend these.